Rue-ing In The Deep

You had my heart inside your hand and you played it, you played it to the beat.” – Adele

Oh, Mariners.

I love you. I want to love you unconditionally. So many people in Seattle want to love you unconditionally.

Why do you make it so difficult to love you at all?

The baseball stuff alone makes it hard enough. Losing season after depressing, losing season. Payroll slashing. Staggering leadership ineptitude.

You add to all that by speaking out against a new sports arena in SoDo. A sports arena that would bring back an NBA team, the loss of which, much of Seattle is still grieving as acutely as always. Whether your concerns about the location are valid or not, you look scared of the competition for fandom dollars.

Then, last night we have the Great Home Opener Debacle of 2012. Credit and debit card machines stop working, ATM lines were long, then the cash machines stopped working. None of this, you felt the need to communicate to the fans. I haven’t heard of one person who had a great time last night.

Blame last night on Friday the 13th, blame your position on the arena on concern for the fans, blame the atrocious product on the field on the various general managers, field managers, coaches, players, etc.

Blame whoever you want. Maybe you’re working on a book titled “How to Lose Fans and Alienate a City.”

Get your shit together, Mariners. I know you’re banking on a small section of your fan base to never abandon you. We know we’re being used, and for now we’re hanging in there.

But there’s going to be a breaking point for us too.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to go to the game tonight. I’m excitedly putting on my jersey and packing up my scorecard.

There’s nothing I can do. I only want to be with you.


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