Prince Fielder and the Needing for Something

Give me something to believe, cuz I am living just to breathe, and I need something more to keep on breathing for, so give me something to believe.” – The Bravery

I should love Twitter. I’ve met some great friends on there, I’ve been able to find the 14 people who really actually like the Mariners, and I’ve been able to con a few of them into reading my sporadic internet postings.

But today, once again, I really really hate it.

Because even though Prince Fielder is in Texas, he’s in Seattle. This is a thing that can only make sense on Twitter.

I see the Tweet about him being here, and even though I know better, even though I’ve been on the merry-go-round before, I get that stupid little spurt of excitement and start thinking, what if?!

I don’t even know if I want Prince Fielder here. The only thing I know I feel about him, is that I’m tired of hearing about him. And Scott Boras (who is either overplaying his hand, or has some evil genius strategy that’s gonna get Fielder $100 zillion dollars a year). I wasn’t even going to type a single word about him because all there is to say right now is kicshkwshash (that’s white noise).

But, this isn’t about Prince Fielder at all.

I just want &$*@#^$% something to happen!!

Anything worth that stupid little spurt of excitement! Anything to make the offseason more bearable and endow us with the false hope we need to survive the winter! The Texas Rangers won the pennant, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim won Albert Pujols, the Houston Astros get to switch divisions, and the Oakland Athletics, well, I guess they’ve had a sucky offseason too.

It’s less than a month until Pitchers and Catchers and I’m already dreading the season. I want a new player to get all excited about and Aaron Heilman just isn’t doing it for me. So unless Edgar Martinez is going to unretire and spend a few years loafing around in left field in order to improve his chances at a Hall of Fame induction, I’m totally fine with overpaying some overweight slugger and watching his power numbers plummet at Safeco Field.

Just doooo something!

UPDATE: Not more than 30 minutes after I posted this, news broke that the Mariners traded Michael Pineda for Jesus (Montero). Jack Z listened to me!!


2 thoughts on “Prince Fielder and the Needing for Something

  1. You are so right, Scott Boras has always has only one thing in mind. $$

    Look at all the signings he has ever done. As soon as I saw Fielder was with him. I was like…. no way is this happening with the Mariners.

    I don’t know what its going to take, but I’m with you, Just dooooo something!

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