Trading Heroes For Ghosts

It seems natural to just blame the internet. Or the media or the American public for being so invested in this TMZ culture that exposes every ugly ounce of humanity.

By now, it should be easy to watch the people we admire crumble and crack into tragic rubble.

Philandering politicians, corrupt corporations, Ponzi schemes. Legendary college football coaches who positively impacted so many kids ending their careers with the scandal of hurting so many kids.

But it’s not easy, and even if it has become expected, it still generates the kind of shock that boosts tv ratings and tabloid sales.

It’s sad that it’s so rare when someone lives up to hero status.

A year ago yesterday, the most admired man in the Northwest died. The voice of our childhoods, our summers, our innocence. When Dave Niehaus died there was an incredible amount of emotion and sadness at losing such an important part of every Mariner fans’ life.

And a strange thing happened during all the remembrances.

No one had a single negative thing to say about him.

I have to admit I’d always wondered what he was like when he wasn’t behind the microphone. Most public figures have different public and private personnas.  To hear from his family and friends, through all the stories they told, that he was exactly the same in real life as he was on tv, made losing him all the more poignant.

In the midst of all this news about admired people losing their hero status, I’m taking comfort in knowing that there are ordinary human beings who positively impact countless people and never lose their luster.

Thank you, Dave.  Thank you for not only being the voice that you were, but for being the genuine person we all thought you were.


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