Joy in Mudville

Oh, dastardly springing hope.

I emerged from a Root Sports induced Peeps coma to realize that the Mariners – yes, the Seattle Mariners – have won 7 of their last 11 games.

By won, I don’t mean Charlie Sheen winning or showing improvement with runners in scoring position, or lowering the bullpen ERA. I mean, they won. They scored more runs than the other team in 9 innings of a Major League Baseball game.

I had to pick myself up off the floor when I become aware of that stat too.

Mariners, do you know what this does to a girl?!

Michael Pineda, oh Pineda, he of the scorching heat and stanky slider.  He’s got me dreaming Rookie of the Year dreams and another guaranteed win every 5th day.

Erik Bedard (yes, Bedard!!) threw a spectacular game against the Tigers.  His starts typically give me time to read a few chunks of War and Peace between pitches and leave me ducking from all the pitching to contact, but this one was watchable.  And enjoyable!  It makes me think he’ll pitch like this all the time now.

Justin Smoak is hitting bombs and causing amnesia about the tall dude we traded for him.

Ichiro is being Ichiro and Franklin Gutierrez will come back.  Dustin Ackley will debut and Felix is still the King.  Puppies and rainbows and unicorns! Pitching and defense wins championships after all!

I want to bottle this feeling and keep in a safe deposit box so I can unlock it and take shots of it when Mighty Casey inevitably strikes out.


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