Baseball Utopia

It feels a little bit like when you were a kid and did something bad.  The waiting for your parents to come home and punish you.  It’s coming and it’s gonna hurt.

Or when your best friend moves away and you cling to every last moment you have left together.  And even, the most obvious parallel, the breakup you see coming but talk yourself into denial over.

A Cliff Lee trade  is coming.

He pitched a complete game in Yankee stadium on Tuesday night and vented frustration over the mistakes he made in his postgame interview.  He has given up as many walks as he has pitched complete games this year.

God, he is so good it hurts.

The Mariners won’t keep him.  It makes such poor business sense.  The team has no shot at contention (my apologies, Jay Buhner).  Cliff is a free agent at the end of year and there will be 29 other teams salivating at the chance to sign him.   He’s not going to stay in a town with a dancing moose and fans who can’t figure when to cheer without the scoreboard prompting them (nice dig, by the way, Cliff).

There are a lot of Mariner fans out there.  Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many baseball fan Mariner fans.  If there were, it would make more sense to keep this freak pitcher around. If performances like his had the drawing power of ‘roided up sluggers, Safeco Field would be turning away fans at each of his starts.

Can you imagine what that would be like?

No dumb girls saying things like, “They should get extra points if the hit it really high.” (True story, overheard after a foul into the 300 level behind home plate.)  No frat boys strutting around with their popped collars and boisterous misplaced confidence.  No wave.

Fans who would cheer every 2 strike pitch, applaud smart baserunning, and appreciate the subtleties of working the count and climbing the ladder.

Fans who would cheer louder for the action on the field than the hydro races.

Safeco Field isn’t in Utopia, it’s in Seattle.  Seattle has come a long way, but it’s just not a baseball town.

A Cliff Lee trade is coming.  And it’s going to hurt.

So much. So, so much.


1 thought on “Baseball Utopia

  1. Great piece. Every thing you said is so true. Awesome work!

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