Are We There Yet?

In two days Spring Training begins.

In two days pitchers and catchers report.  Pitchers and catchers, could there be three any more beautiful words?

These past few dark months, that barely pass for winter are almost over.  It’s been sunny and warm and that sort of weather just isn’t right without baseball.

I’ve satisfied my yen with the Caribbean World Series.  I was excited to see Vinny Castilla play again, but annoyed with the terrible broadcasters during the late games.  I’ve watched the 2006 World Series on MLB Network and indulged in games from 1978 and 1986 (ah, The Rocket before the ‘Roids).  It’s enough to hold me over for now, but I want new games.  I want to see all those crazy things baseball throws at you that you’ve never seen before.

It’s almost baseball season again.

It’s like waiting for Christmas, only this Christmas lasts all summer long.


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