History Repeats Itself, but Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

“It’s never iffy, if it’s Griffey.” – Kenny Mayne

It is less than 3 weeks away from Spring Training.  As a Mariners team prepares to take the field following the season that gained them premier membership in the 100/100 club a fan base not content with the under the radar moves of the Mariner management has begun clamoring for the return of The Natural himself.

Can a team that’s looking to the future find salvation in its past?  Ken Griffey Jr.’s tenure in Seattle was the stuff of nostalgia, the miracle season of 1995, the home run totals, and the super human outfield catches.  I’m reminded of a column that appeared during Junior’s reign titled “Mariner Fans, These ARE the Good Old Days.”  Griffey left Seattle 10 years ago.  He was a far different player then.

The large, gaping power vacum that is the 2009 Seattle Mariners could do with a little less suckage.  I just don’t think a trip down memory lane serves the best interests of the team.  I don’t see how a player so far past his peak helps this team move into the future.


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