To Everyone Who Laughed At My Idea

I have been saying for years that there should be switch pitchers.  Well the Yankees (really, who else) drafted a kid by the name of Pat Venditte who is just that.  Venditte made his professional league debut Thursday night in Class A and apparently there are a few problems with the idea.  Rules state that a player may switch sides once during an at bat, but with both a switch pitcher and switch hitter the question of who must declare first comes up.
Should be interesting to see how this gets sorted out in the rule book.

Other baseball stories:

I’ve been enjoying the College World Series for the last couple weeks.  I feel like it’s pure sport, complete with teamwork, passion, joy, and bitter dissapointment.  Even with the ping of the aluminum bats it’s a far cry from the staid egotism of professional sports.

That’s why it makes me so sad to hear about this.  All the lessons sports are supposed to teach seem not to be absorbed by far too many.

In a world of carefully measured words, no comments, and answers that don’t answer questions, I loved Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi’s comments on Adam Dunn.  This was in response to a caller on a radio program asking the Jays to trade for Dunn.  Ricciardi lambasted Dunn, saying he “doesn’t really like baseball that much” and lacks “passion to play the game that much.”  He went on to say if they traded for Dunn the caller would be calling in later to say how terrible of a trade it was.  Personally, I think Ricciardi’s comment was in response to the many, many idiotic radio show callers who believe they posess some nugget of knowledge that has escaped real baseball people.  If your job was constantly under fire by these arm chair pundits you’d probably get a bit testy as well.  I haven’t paid enough attention to Dunn to draw any conclusion about his passion for the game, but in an age where many players know frighteningly little about the history of their sport it wouldn’t surprise me.


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