Another One Bites the Dust

“They’re the suckiest bunch of suckers that ever sucked.” – Homer Simpson, ostensibly referring to the 2008 Seattle Mariners

Erik Bedard left tonight’s game against the Atlanta Braves after 3 innings with back spasms, continuing his Mariners career as a whiny baby.  One would think that after John McLaren was let go that he would feel at least a tiny bit of remorse for causing a good guy to lose his job.  One would think that he would feel at least a fleeting stab of guilt at costing the Mariners a fabulous prospect in Adam Jones and a good pen pitcher in George Sherill.  One would think he would at least attempt to throw more than 100 pitches before asking to be taken out because he’s tired.  One would think.

Such is the state of modern athletes and the Mariner’s ballclub.  Personally, I think everyone not named Felix or Yuniesky should be gone.  Bring up the Tacoma Rainiers.  Hell, bring up the Everett Aqua Sox for all I care.  The season is a bust, might as well look to the future.

Felix Hernandez has too much potential to trade and Yuniesky Betancourt is perhaps the only Mariner who is performing at expectations, with the exception of a mental mistake here and there.  I can look past those though because I feel like he is really trying to help the team.  There’s no I in team, but there is in egotism.

Richie Sexson, with his tail between his legs, should ask the Mariners to void his contract (is this even possible?) and try to find another team.  In the absence of that, they should designate him for assignment and send him down to single A.

Erik Bedard should be traded before July 31st. We will never get what we gave up, but we need to get rid of him before he gets worse.  Some team somewhere will take the chance.

The problem with the team this year isn’t soley the fault of Bill Bavasi or John McLaren.  The responsiblity falls on the players.  The erstwhile GM and Manager did deserve to be fired because that’s the way baseball works, fair or not.  There are several players who bear much of the blame and as such they should be handed pink slips as well.  I feel like McLaren at his infamous expletive laced press conference.  Keep those heads rolling!


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