Say It Ain’t So, Ryan

May I just say that I am shocked?  Of all the players who could have been caught with steroids, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Jason Giambi, we get Ryan Franklin?  This coming right on the heels of Rafael Palmeiro testing positive (highly original and not at all obvious joke here:  Guess it wasn’t the Viagara after all).  If Franklin was juiced, then ANYBODY could be juiced.  I just find it very sad and very dissapointing.  However, there is a lesson.  No matter how juiced you are as a pitcher, you can’t make your team score runs for you.

As for Palmeiro, I’m not ENTIRELY shocked, although he certainly wasn’t at the top of my list of suspects.  But I gotta wonder if he was taking a double dose before playing the Mariners.  Seems that an unproportional number of his 500 homeruns and 3,000 hits came against us.

Ah, but the denouement of the Steroids Era continues, and like any good story it’s full of plot twists and turns, fallen angels and unlikely heroes.  Who will still be standing at the end is anyone’s guess.


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