The Higher They Climb…

I wanted to take the time to bid farewell to the “best pitcher in baseball history,” the almighty Little Unit, Ryan Anderson.  Picked in the first round of the June 1997 MLB Amateur Draft, he was the clone to Randy Johnson in every way; with the obvious exception of major league ability.  It wasn’t just his height that allowed him to tower over his competition, his ego proved to be equally overpowering.  With a sense of self righteousness that rivaled, if not surpassed, many Big Leaguers Anderson ended his wrangling with Mariner management and signed an impressive proffessional contract.  At the press conferance announcing his drawn out signing he boldly and confidently declared that he would become the greatest pitcher baseball had ever seen.  He continued that he didn’t care if that was acknowledged in his lifetime or not, just so long as baseball fans one day came to realize his greatness.

After an 8 year asscent to greatness, the Mariners released him with nary a Major League appearance.

Little Unit, we hardly knew ya.


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