Of Bets and Beanballs

I’m reminded that quite a few years ago, back when Milwaukee was still in the American League, my brother and I made a small bet.  The bet? That in 2005 the Detroit Tigers or the Milwaukee Brewers would win the World Series.  I picked the Brewers, my brother the Tigers.  If either of these teams win it all this year, somebody is winning $5!  Yeah, I’m not holding my breath for that extra cash flow.

I’m watching the Red Sox -Yankees game.  I don’t advocate violence in sports, but it brings some levity to my soul to see Mike Timlin bean Derek Jeter near the head.  And Yankee fans are such pathetic excuses for human beings.  My disgust for them grows with each season.

In their first two games the Mariners have looked fantastic…for the first few innings.  With any luck they’ll pull it together because Sexson and Beltre are lookin’ awesome!

What’s more beautiful than a beanball finding Jeter?  Alex Rodriguez committing an error in a tied game in the ninth inning to open the flood gates for the Red Sox.  Glorious.

My brothers reply:

the tigers are goin all the way this year, I FELT IT THEN! AND I FEEL IT NOW!!! what happens if they face each other? there will be a fued in the lane houshold not even the capulets and montegues could compete with!


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