Where’s That Violin When I Need It?

So Barry Bonds is tired.  Tired of being scrutinized by the media for possible fraud against the game of baseball.  Excuse me, but I seem to have misplaced my sympathy.

In all likelyhood Barry Bonds used steroids.  The allegations against him are numerous.  While none can be positively substantiated, there is little contradicting evidence to clear him.  Bud Selig is not conducting a witch hunt.  He has a vested interest in keeping the scandal as low key as possible.  Particularly with the star power Bonds has, his guilt would most certainly be damaging to baseball a la the Shoeless Joe incident.

I have all the sympathy in the world for Roger Maris, who was tortured endlessly by the media as he pursued Babe Ruth’s homerun record.  As Bonds pursues another of the Babe’s homerun records I just can’t muster the same.  Even though steroids were not explicitly banned, no one can argue against the immorality of their use.

If Bonds did indeed use (and as I’ve said, he most likely did), he needs to buck up and take the blame.  Passing it on to the media is a pathetic attempt to deflect criticism from himself.  He screwed up; by artificially enhancing his performance, he (and other players) artificially enhanced the record books.  If this is the most punishment he receives, he should consider himself lucky.


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